Thursday, December 16, 2010

Standing Seam Metal Roof

When people build their own custom home, they want it to be special. For us that meant using products that look like the real thing, and avoiding those that breakdown over time. One of those products was our roofing material. Initially we thought about regular asphalt shingles, but on a white house, it doesn't always give you the pop you're looking for - nor does it hold up all that well on the top of a hill with 50mph wind gusts. That's when we were introduced to the idea of a standing seam metal roof. It has all the farmhouse charm we were looking for and it comes with a 50 year warranty. No having to get on the top of the roof to replace a damaged shingle. Once this puppy is on, it's on for good.

We decided to do a charcoal gray roof to set off the white siding. The paint is Energy Star and actually reflects the sunlight to keep your cooling costs to a minimum. We're anxiously awaiting it's installation, but think it's worth the investment.

If you're not exactly sure what a standing seam metal roof looks like, here's a few inspiration pictures:

Connor Building

This picture gives you a good idea of the color we've chosen. It's nearly identical. I love how it looks against the white siding. Hopefully ours will turn out this beautiful. :) In fact, the stone in this picture very much resembles the colors of the stone we chose for our chimney.

We'll most likely need to install some of these "snow angels" as they're called to prevent snow from plummeting from the rooftop.


  1. I like how that installed "snow angles" look. Glad it has other function other that being nice to look at.
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  2. Metal roofs are definitely more popular these days because they’re lightweight, durable and very affordable. I think the standing seam style looks great. It looks very streamlined, and directs dirt and water away from the house more. What color of roof did you eventually go with?

  3. Hi Mary,

    You're right. Metal roofs are becoming more affordable and popular. We were able to have ours installed for what it would have cost us for asphalt shingles. I think it gives our house a unique look and will withstand the test of time. We ended up going with a color called charcoal, however, it often takes on a gray-blue color. I love it! Most manufacturers offer a gray, or dark gray color.


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